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Networkers commissioned independent global market research firm Edelman Intelligence to conduct the Technology: Voice of the Workforce research.

Across a three week period in October and November 2016, 1,656 respondents took part in an online survey, sharing their views on industry wide issues such as diversity and skills shortages, as well as more personal issues which affect the day-today lives of tech professionals and bear influence on decisions they make within their career such as what factors would make them leave their employer and if they would be willing to move abroad at some point in their career.  It also asked the tech community how they expect the industry to change over the next five years.

The research sought opinions from technology professionals regardless of whether they were actively seeking their next career move or firmly established within their current job role. Survey participants shared their experiences of past and current roles, future opportunities for industry and the trends they see across their sector.



For more information on the research please contact the Press Office via networkerspress@edelman.com

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