We can all daydream about our perfect job but are any of them as cool as these jobs from the movies?

1. Ghostbuster

Required skills: Be afraid of no ghost, not suitable for those allergic to ectoplasm

Benefits: Fetching jumpsuits, proton packs and a slobbering ghoul for an office pet

2. Chocolate Factory Owner (Charlie & The Chocolate Factory)

Required skills: Creativity and innovation

Benefits: All the chocolate you can possibly eat plus an army of oompa loompas to get rid of any annoying visitors

3. Archeologist (Indiana Jones/Tomb Raider)

Required skills: Must be brave, good with a whip

Benefits: Travel, Adventure and a Fedora,  

4. Superhero (too many superhero films to mention)

Required skills: Must have special powers and a lot of courage – this role may involve fighting evil villains plotting to take over the world, must be able to keep your identity a secret, may be required to work unsociable hours

Benefits: Awesome lycra suit, free reign to blow stuff up

5. Jedi (any Star Wars film)

Required Skills: Good at fighting bad guys, ability to use the Force, "do or do not there is no try"

Benefits: Lightsaber, good career development plan from Youngling, Padawan, Knight, Master, and finally a nice desk-bound retirement earner as a Jedi High Council peer

6. MIB Agent (Men In Black)

Required skills: Must like wearing black, ability to tell good aliens from bad aliens, not for the faint-hearted

Benefits: Highly funded and high tech office, Neuralyzer

7. Disaster movie scientist (2012, Day After Tomorrow, Godzilla, Armageddon)

Required skills: Able to disagree with presidents, army generals and other positions of power, must be willing to get stuck in as this role is not always confined to a laboratory

Benefits: Saving the world

8. Spy (James Bond)

Required Skills: License to kill, ability to escape from one inept guard

Benefits: Use of expensive and clever gadgets, fancy company car, many good looking women

9. Teacher at Hogwarts

Required Skills: Must be an exceptional witch/wizard using your powers for good only, long white beard preferred

Benefits: Your office will be the beautiful Hogwarts, well-respected within the wizardry community

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