Software and IT come top on highest paying industries list in US

A new report from LinkedIn has put Software and IT services at the top of the list of highest paying industries in the US, with average salaries up to $104,700.

LinkedIn examined data from more than 2 million members to assess the variation of salaries between job titles, education level and field of study, as well as location, company size and industry. Those who had studied computer science were the people with the highest average salaries, earning up to $92,300 per year.

Whilst pay isn’t the only factor to determine whether you’re happy in your job, it is an important one, as we found in our Voice of the Workforce research. 58% of the 1,656 technology professionals we surveyed said ‘good pay and benefits’ was the attribute that would most attract them to a new employer. Pay is seen as a particularly important factor for millennials aged between 22-34; 66% of whom put pay at the top of their list.

One reason why LinkedIn conducted their research was to provide professionals with insight in to how they compare to similar people in their profession so that they are better enabled to assess whether they are being compensated fairly for their skills and experience. 

You can find out more about LinkedIn’s report on Tech Republic’s website.

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