Digital Safety Business Partner

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Digital Safety Business Partner


Digital Safety Business Partner

The Job

Digital Safety Business Partner


  • Engage with senior leaders to understand their strategic and tactical objectives so that you can understand how Digital Safety plays into their business area.
  • Understand relevant policies, standards and regulations that your assigned business area must comply with, and how these interact with Digital Safety
  • Provide monthly Digital Safety status report to your business area.
  • Maintaining an accurate risk register for your business area
  • Responsible for ensuring that Business Risk Owners are identified, and the assigned business area is managing their Digital Safety Risks in line with agreed risk treatment plans
  • Working with the wider Digital Safety team, provide strategic advice and recommendations to leaders within your assigned business area for resolving issues relating to Digital Safety risk, compliance and data management
  • Working with the wider Digital Safety team, provide direction, decision making and be a point of escalation for Digital Safety matters across your assigned business area to ensure understanding and associated mitigation can be performed.
  • Working with the Risk Assurance team, responsible for ensuring your business area is operating within its defined Digital Safety risk appetite. This includes ensuring that that the business area has access to sufficient resource and capability to achieve this. This includes ensuring that new projects do not 'add risk'
  • Working with Digital Safety Compliance manager, responsible for ensuring that your assigned business areas meet with Digital Safety compliance and regulatory requirements (for example PCI DSS and NIS)
  • Working with Data Management Lead to ensure that your assigned business area handles data safely and responsibly, in line with relevant Digital Safety policies, standards & procedures.
  • Support your assigned business area in understanding the necessity and potential impacts of compliance requirements.
  • Work closely with the DPO to ensure that Data Privacy requirements are adequately controlled within your assigned business area
  • Responsible for ensuring that your assigned business area complies with our internal Digital Safety policies.
  • Where required and working with the wider Digital Safety team, develop specific Digital Safety polices or policy statements applicable to your assigned business area.
  • Attendance as DSAF and DSB as required to represent your business area
  • Work with the wider Digital Safety team to provide recommendation for mitigating Digital Safety risk within your business area
  • Through company security & risk teams and external organisations keep abreast of emerging trends, technologies and legislation which may impact your assigned business area.
  • Provide reporting at necessary to CISO, Director of Audit and Risk and others are necessary on the status of Digital Safety within your assigned business area.
  • Report compliance, risk and control issues where necessary directly to the CISO, Director of Risk and Assurance, and/or AMB.
  • Engage with the Digital Assurance team to ensure that your assigned business area deploys and maintains the right data controls and principles to uphold confidentiality and integrity of key data areas within your assigned business area.
  • Act as a subject matter specialist to the business with a focus on providing advice, guidance, and recommendations to your assigned business area
  • Provide Strategic direction to the wider Digital Safety team and the business at large in building a 'just culture' of Digital Safety.
  • Responsible for ensuring that your assigned business area has access to suitable Digital Safety training
  • Support the Information Security Incident response process as required.


  • Experience of working within regulated environments.
  • Experience of engaging with senior committees (Board, Audit Committee etc.) within listed companies.
  • Significant experience in information security management, data management and/or related functions
  • Information security management qualifications such as CISSP or CISM, or significant proven expertise in this area.
  • High standards of personal integrity (demonstrated by an unblemished career history), and willing to undergo vetting and/or personality assessments toverify this if necessary.
  • >Typically, a background in technical IT roles or Cyber/Information Security related roles such as IT architecture or Cyber regulatory, development or operations, with a clear and abiding interest in information security.


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