Cloud Architect

Ref No. BHN523275
Salary £90,000 - £99,000/annum
Location London, England
Job type Permanent
Job Status Open


Cloud Architect - Perm - London - (£90k - £99k per annum) based on experience.


Cloud Architect

The Job

As part of the digital transformation and transition from start-up to scale-up, the company is setting up product teams based on strong Agile and DevOps principles. Consequently, DevOps, as culture, is enhanced and re-organised in order to accelerate the release cycles and upgrade the whole stack and software-development lifecycle while increasing internal and external productivity. The Cloud Architect will be reporting to the Head of Development and will support multiple product teams. A typical week would involve reviewing the scalability of deployed components, developing proof-of-concept by utilizing new cloud services from appropriate providers, stress-testing existing deployments, reviewing cloud and software architecture to identify enhancements in DevOps practices, AI , Big/Large Data and developing scripted automation, etc. The tech stack comprises of high-end tools and keeps growing. It is an exciting time to join the company to drive the status quo of AI & telecoms to the next level with a worldwide impact.

  1. Develop and maintain automation around the IT infrastructure and in alignment with company processes and regulatory frameworks such as GDPR (e.g., implement scripts to create, tear down, migrate and recreate environments)
  2. Develop well architected, maintainable cloud-based solutions using appropriate design principles, for example design patterns and SOLID principles
  3. Perform technical design reviews of software and IT infrastructure, and develop proof-of-concept solutions in the research service and deploy to the production service
  4. Manage the lifecycle of multiple cloud environments with extensions to on-premise high-performance computing facilities that run AI/ML models (e.g., implement health monitoring and alerting, implement)
  5. Advocate DevOps principles and coach product teams, which will extend to AI/MLOps
  6. Perform QA on existing infrastructure & related processes against company's software development standards
  7. Deploy software updates to marketplaces (e.g., AWS Marketplace, Azure Marketplace)
  8. Provide environmental support to delivery teams to maximise efficiency
  9. Design and evaluate the product Solution by evaluating product epics, revised infrastructure designs, architectural patterns, or security requirements.
  10. Guide Engineering, Quality Assurance DevOps teams in the implementation of the solution by reviewing approaches, elaborating solutions, or gaining approving for significant architectural decisions.
  11. Create or modify architectural patterns to provide practical assistance to Engineering teams that align to the business's technical product strategy.
  12. Partner with Product owners to develop product architectural blueprints and roadmaps that align with architectural standards and technology strategy.
  13. Support the client facing teams with product or technical knowledge in response to requests.


  1. 2+ years of commercial experience with AWS &Azure is essential (using IAM/AAD, keyvault, S3/blob storage, lambdas/azure functions, web apps, queues, database and managed services/products - e.g. DynamoDB/cosmosDB)
  2. 5+ years of commercial experience in full software development lifecycle
  3. 5+ years working with teams that scale up (building teams & tech stack)
  4. 2+ years of commercial experience in agile (ideally via jira)
  5. 2+ years of serverless architecture and event-driven architecture
  6. 2+ years of microservices API-driven cloud-based products including performance management
  7. Scripting with typescript/javascript, python & using web frameworks (e.g., react, flask)
  8. Infrastructure as a code with Cloud formation/ARM templates, Terraform and Ansible
  9. Linux Server Administration including container technology & ecosystem (docker, Kubernetes, Prometheus) linked to AAD
  10. Dashboards (ideally via Grafana or PowerBI)
  11. CI/CD pipelines on git-based commercial source control or similar (e.g., github including Actions, gitlab, bitbucket etc)
  12. Ideally, experience in telecommunications and similar regulated verticals and environments
  13. Ideally, working knowledge of ISO 27000, ITIL, or similar regulated environment
  14. Ideally, exposure to ML frameworks (e.g., tensorflow)
  15. Ideally, exposure to CRM & ERP systems (e.g., Salesforce, SAP, MS Dynamics)

Cloud Architect - Perm - London - (£90k - £99k per annum) based on experience.

Carlin Brown
manages this role


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