R&D investment creating 5G job opportunities

The 5G revolution is coming and radical changes to the global economy beckon. Promising speeds of up to 100 times faster than 4G, the high-speed 5G network will enable technological advancements in almost every industry.

With the global economic output from 5G predicted to be as high as $12.3 trillion by 2035 (Qualcomm), telecoms businesses are making huge investments in research and development to create the high-speed network. 

In fact, research firm Moor Insights & Strategy estimates that infrastructure spending on creating the 5G network will exceed $326 billion by 2025. 

Much of the R&D investment will be used for the development of hardware and software for the Core Network and Radio Access Networks (RAN), which make it possible for devices to connect to the core 5G network. 

With the first commercial 5G networks expected to be in place by the end of this year and large-scale deployment expected by 2020, the race to be 5G-ready is on for the telecoms giants.

Looking for 5G-ready telecoms engineers

In order for the networks to be researched and put into place, there are numerous opportunities for skilled telecoms experts to be on the front-line of research and development in 5G, as Tom Bassett, Telecommunications Recruitment Specialist at Networkers explains:

“Talented RAN experts are an important asset for telecoms companies to help research, design and develop the next generation of telecoms networks. There are opportunities for researchers, standardisation experts, pre and post development and implementation engineers to ensure that 5G networks can be developed and implemented on a global scale. 

“As with any new technological development, there is a lack of engineers with experience in 5G RAN, so telecoms businesses will be looking for engineers who have previous experience in development of 4G and LTE-advanced networks. With telecoms giants headquartered all over the globe, there are going to be opportunities in the USA, China and across Europe. We are seeing a big demand in Sweden and Germany, where a number of large telecoms providers are based.” 

With 22 million 5G-related jobs expected to be created by 2035 (Qualcomm), there are going to be plenty of opportunities for telecommunications specialists to be on the front-line of delivering this game changing technology. 


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