Losing your job through redundancy can be tough. It can knock your confidence and cause you financial distress. But on the bright side, it can also provide you with an opportunity to re-evaluate your career goals and take on new challenges. Remember, it is the role that has been made redundant, not you and it is never an easy decision for employers to make.

Being made redundant

If you find out you are being made redundant, read through any documentation that your organisation has given you to make sure you understand it. If you haven't received any paperwork regarding your redundancy, then you should request it. It may also be useful to dig out a copy of your contract to check your terms of employment.

If you’re working in the UK, you can check you are being offered sufficient redundancy pay using the Directgov redundancy calculator

Next steps

As part of the redundancy process, your company may offer support with job hunting skills to help you secure your next position. If you are offered this support, it is worth using the opportunity as it may help you feel more confident ahead of your inevitable job search.

Once the news of your redundancy has sunk in, you should give yourself time to reflect on whether   you’re in the right industry, you fancy a career change, you want to study or travel or if you could use your skills to set up your own business.

If you decide to search for a long-term role, you may want to consider taking on temporary or voluntary work whilst you’re searching. This type of work can help you to learn new skills, network, and potentially lead you to your next permanent position.

When you make it to the interview stage of the job application process, you may be asked about why you left or why you’re leaving your current job. It can be difficult to talk about your redundancy but the best thing to do is explain the matter simply and try to sound positive. Focus on the good things from your time at the company – the tasks you achieved, the skills you developed and the relationships you built.

Finding your next role

If you’re looking for work in the IT or telecommunications industry, we can help. Register your CV with us so we can look out for opportunities that suit your skills and experience. In the meantime, visit our jobs pages and if you see a job you wish to apply for, simply give us a call or apply online.



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