Today is the day when Marty and Doc crashed into the future in their time-travelling DeLorean in the sequel to Back to the Future. But how many of their futuristic predictions are now a reality?


Fingerprint recognition payment

Futuristic representation: Biff pays for a taxi ride using his thumb print.

Actual reality: People with an iPhone use this technology on a daily basis to unlock the display. More than this, the capabilities of Apply Pay match those of Biff’s technologically-advanced taxi enabling users to pay with the touch of a thumb. And for those of us who favour androids over iPhones, we are only a few clicks away from an instant online payment to for a cab ride via an app such as Uber.



Futuristic representation: A flying dog-walking drone

Actual reality: Despite not being a reality in the pet care industry, drones have become a part of everyday life – for example, in defence and in the media. On a more commercial level, whilst the professional drone delivery services of Amazon are yet to get fully off the ground, drones have been flying off the shelves to personal consumers.


Smart eyewear

Futuristic representation: Marty wears some high-tech specs allowing him to watch videos wherever and whenever he chooses.

Actual reality: Smart spectacles are a complete reality as exemplified by Google Glass.


You can find more comparisons here:


All in all, the representation wasn’t far off the reality. But what IT developments do we all expect/want to see in 2045? Comment and let us know.

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