Who needs project managers when you have AI?

It seems that all jobs are now being scrutinised for any tasks that AI can replace through robot process automation and project management is no exception. The ‘humans vs robots’ debate is divisive but the fact is that AI and robotics are not new – they have already proven to play a vital role in many industries from speeding up the manufacturing process in the automotive sector to suggesting products you might be interested in on retail websites.

So what practical applications could this technology have in the field of project management? Will the project managers of the future be robots? Networkers’ project management expert James Parnell doesn’t think so:

“Key project management skills such as communication, leadership and common sense are still far beyond the capabilities of robots. However, AI stands to benefit project managers in the future through automating their more repetitive and time consuming administrative duties which could ultimately increase productivity and speed up the decision making of crucial business decisions.”

Whilst some simple, repetitive, manual jobs may be at risk of full automation in the future, a discipline like project management which relies on so many human qualities (see 9 qualities of a top IT project manager) is unlikely to be dominated by robots.

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However, the future plans are

However, the future plans are beneficial to project managers, increasing productivity and quickening of important trading decision decisions by automating administrative obligations to increase and resume time.

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