OpenStack is a relatively new technology, having only been created within the past 10 years. It was developed as an open source platform for developing, building, and deploying IaaS private cloud platforms. It is powerful and can be administered through command line, RESTful web services and APIs, as well as web-based dashboard controls. These can be used to allocate processing power and storage, and associate network resources using your own datacentre kit. Its popularity continues to grow as a result of it embracing the rapid development of new features, similar to Amazon Web Services (AWS), but by encouraging a more ‘DIY’ approach to Cloud and giving more users control.  OpenStack has already gained a foothold in organisations already used to maximising the power and control Linux and UNIX platforms give them.

As a result of this growing popularity, OpenStack skills are in high demand. However, as with many emerging technologies, experience in this field is scarce. Currently, there are very few reference sites in the UK and Ireland, and only a handful of solution providers and systems integrators who are collaborating with infrastructure teams to introduce them to OpenStack. Contractors are now beginning to share some of their OpenStack experience with organisations, though this isn’t achieving the same level of adoption and PR that Microsoft and Amazon are experiencing with Azure and AWS.

Andy Slater, Cloud Specialist at Networkers, explains what this means for recruitment:

“With so few OpenStack Developers and Platform Engineers around, recruitment for this skill set is difficult. As a result, there is a trend for businesses to opt for a ‘grow your own’ approach by focusing on training their existing Cloud or Developer workforce or simply giving them the time to research and learn OpenStack.”

With limited resources available, is currently one of the most useful tools. The community of people who use it are willing to share their OpenStack experience and knowledge to enable skilled Cloud specialists to branch out and fill the increasing demand for OpenStack Developers.

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