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The start of a new year is a natural time for us all to think about how to make this year our best yet. One major factor in how you can get the most out of 2017 is by making sure you’re enjoying your job. For someone who enters employment at age 18 and retires aged 65, they will spend 47 years working. Clearly, there is much more to life than working but seeing as it takes up such a large proportion of the average person’s lifetime, it is important to find a job that you love.

Why January is a good time for job hunting

If you’re thinking of finding a new job, January is a great time to start. For companies who run their budgets over the calendar year, there is a new pot of money ready to be spent on recruitment and commonly an increase in headcount to meet. For companies who operate a budget based on the tax year (April to March), there are only a few months left to use the remaining budget. In addition to the funding available for hiring new staff, business decision makers are also likely to be available to give the go ahead to recruitment plans, having had a break over the festive period. Ultimately, this means more jobs and more opportunities for you to find your next role.

With 24% of employers saying they intend to increase permanent headcount over the next quarter and 15% looking to increase contract headcount (REC Jobs Outlook, December 2016), our specialist recruitment consultants have shared their top advice for making your CV and application stand out.

Top tips for a standout CV

“Structure your CV with a clear introductory paragraph followed by a bullet point list of your strengths. Use facts and figures to show your experience, for example, the size of the teams you have managed or the budget of a project you were responsible for.”

Andy Slater, Cloud Infrastructure & Operations Specialist

“Use a clear, simple font like Arial or Calibri so that your CV is easy to read and well-spaced. For some contractor skillsets like Development, it is a good idea to include a skills matrix, which will highlight your level of competence and/or years of experience against each skill.”

Les Berridge, Principal Consultant

“Don’t let your CV spill onto more than 3 pages, whatever your level of experience. Too much writing will make your CV difficult to read and will turn recruiters and hiring managers off.”

James Parnell, Project Management specialist


How to get ahead in a busy application period

“Depending on your experience, it may be useful for you to create different versions of your CV – for example, a technical, skills-focused CV and a management/leadership focused CV. I would recommend then spending five minutes tailoring your CV to each job you’re applying for, to clearly show the recruiter exactly why you’re a good fit for the role.”

Andy Slater, Cloud Infrastructure & Operations Specialist

“Use LinkedIn to get in touch with recruiters. You can see which connections you have in common and there may be someone who can recommend you.”

James Parnell, Project Management specialist

You can find more advice on our career advice pages. If you’re ready to start looking for your next role, register on our website so you can quickly and easily browse and apply for jobs. You can also set up job alerts so you can be one of the first to apply for your ideal job.

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