Networkers launches report on technology workforce

Today sees the launch of the Technology: Voice of the Workforce report which brings together the perceptions of more than 1,600 technology professionals from around the world.

The report is based on the findings of an online survey conducted with IT and telecommunications professionals from around the world, who answered questions about key topics within the technology industry and their career aspirations.

Confidence in career progression is high

The survey showed that two thirds of tech professionals are confident that their career will progress in the next 12 months. The majority are also feeling positive about the progression of their sector in the coming 12 months, with 67% saying they believe their sector will grow and increase its revenues over this time period. One reason behind this level of confidence could be down to the fact that so many (61%) received a pay increase in the past year, although less are confident in receiving one this year – 48% said they are somewhat or very confident.

At a sector level, those working in IT are the most confident in the growth of their sector; 70% expect it to grow in the next 12 months. In contrast, those in the public sector are the least confident, less than half (44%) said they thought the sector would increase its revenues over the coming 12 months.

International aspirations

North America is seen as the most industry leading region (35%) but Europe (30%) and Asia Pacific (26%) come a close second and third. These are also the regions tech professionals would most likely consider moving to for work. Out of the 54% who said they would like to move abroad at some point in their career, 38% chose Europe as their preferred destination, 28% chose North America and 18% chose Asia Pacific. The main reason to move abroad is for a lifestyle change, which is particularly important for the boomer generation, aged 50-59.

But aside from moving to another country, what other career aspirations do the technology community have?

Over half (59%) would consider transferring to a different skillset and even more would think about changing sector (65%). When deciding whether to transfer to a different skillset, the opportunity to learn is seen as more of an influential factor compared to a higher salary and the skillset which is seen as most desirable by the tech community is project management.

Current & future challenges

Findings from the survey confirmed the extent of the skills shortages within the tech industry; 57% of respondents said they believed there was a skills shortage within their sector. The promotion of technology as a career choice to younger generations was seen as the most important solution to tackling the skills shortage.

Another issue evident in the current technology workforce is a lack of diversity, however, the majority believe that gender diversity is improving in their sector and this is particularly true within banking, finance and insurance (60% believe it is getting better).

So what does the future of the tech industry look like?

When asked what factors have the biggest potential to disrupt the industry over the next five years, the largest proportion of respondents (47%) said cyber security. The Internet of Things and Big Data are also seen as factors which could bring about huge change in the industry, with 40% saying they thought these had massive potential to shake up the tech landscape.

Almost a third of the tech workforce also predicts change within their own role- 27% believe their role will change substantially in the next five years. Despite the amount of change expected 30% do not believe the company they work for is aware of or taking the necessary steps to prepare for the future.




We’d like to thank all of the technology professionals who took part in the survey and contributed to this unique piece of research.

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