Demand for AI jobs exceeds supply by 2 to 1

According to the job site Indeed, the number of jobs available in artificial intelligence has risen by 485% in the UK since 2014 meaning that demand outstrips the supply of qualified professionals by 2 to 1.

According to academics the "massive" skills gap in the UK education system is partly at fault for the skills shortage.

Chris Rosebert, Head of AI & Robotics, Networkers said:

“The demand for AI professionals such as data scientists, machine learning engineers and algorithm experts is surging, not just in the UK but across the globe. A major issue the UK faces is in losing the talent it currently has to other destinations such as Barcelona and Berlin.”

“Whilst more must be done to build the AI pipeline of talent for the future in education, there is also a need for the UK government to invest more in supporting AI projects to retain the talent we are producing.”

With an estimated 30% of UK jobs expected to be impacted by automation in the next 15 years (UK Economic Outlook 2017, PricewaterhouseCoopers), many employers are looking at future female talent to plug the AI skills gap.

Chris explains why a more diverse workforce could help meet the demand for AI talent:

“It’s true that across the technology industry females are still underrepresented. Our Voice of the Workforce research showed this with females making up only 11% of participants. With a push on increasing the numbers of females taking subjects such as Computer Science, Maths and Statistics at university, the pressure of filling the AI skills gap in the future may be relieved somewhat.”

You can read more on this story by visiting the BBC news website.

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