How AI specialists help lead the education revolution

Thanks to years of research and tangible results, artificial intelligence (AI) has well and truly broken its ties with the world of science fiction and become a blossoming reality. 

From machine-learning robots in manufacturing to self-driving vehicles, AI is everywhere, serving millions of people on a daily basis through home assistant tools, websites that recommend products and AI healthcare apps to name just a few. But could AI impact how the next generation learn?

An AI revolution in the classroom

One area that is being widely discussed by AI experts globally is the potential it has to revolutionise education. According to the Artificial Intelligence Market in the US Education Sector 2017-2021 report, experts predict AI in education will grow by 47.5% between 2017 and 2021. From automated marking to free-up teachers’ time, to identifying weaknesses in the classroom, writing reports and even creating a computerised teaching assistant, there are many ways in which AI could be utilised in education. 

And in the UK, this is something which vice-chancellor of Buckingham University and ex-head of Wellington College, Sir Anthony Seldon is particularly passionate about. As reported by the Evening Standard, Sir Anthony Seldon is urging schools to take advantage of the advances in technology in order to put an end to “inefficient” group learning and enable teachers to lead individually tailored one-to-one lessons. Sir Anthony believes the UK Government should follow the example set by American schools, where students organise their learning consultation with teachers and use tablet software to track their progress. 

Sir Anthony called for AI software that will “understand students better than any teacher has ever done”. He continued: “Because everything is personalised, all learning will happen much, much quicker. Students will be able to learn in their own time. The machines will free up time for more things like project and group work and problem-solving led by teachers, and the drama, music and sport that are so important. We need to teach people how to learn and think actively rather than to just let machines do all our thinking for us.” 

As both public and private education institutes move towards AI software, the need for people with skills in AI is growing. Technology businesses across the world are looking into creating state-of-the-art AI-driven applications that can help improve education systems. 

Job opportunities for AI professionals

Data Scientists, AI Researchers and Big Data Architects/Engineers are going to be crucial for developing AI for some of the biggest technological developments of the coming years that could impact everything from education systems to online shopping.

With demand for AI professionals outnumbering the supply two to one (, organisations are competing hard to lure the best available talent to work for them in this emerging field.

Companies are pulling out all the stops to attract those with highly sought-after AI skills – including offering six-figure permanent salaries or highly lucrative day-rates for contractors. 

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